Though We May We May Not Be

Though We May We May Not Be SharingThis Christmas Day, We Hope ThatYou And Your Families Enjoy YourChristmas, We Are Sending You OurLove And Christmas Memories ToWarm Your Heart And Hearty Today..jpg

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Though We May We May Not Be Sharing
This Christmas Day, We Hope That
You And Your Families Enjoy Your
Christmas, We Are Sending You Our
Love And Christmas Memories To
Warm Your Heart And Hearty Today.


May This Christmas End The Present

May This Christmas End ThePresent Year On A CheerfulNote And Make Way For AFresh And Bright New Year.Here’s Wishing You A MerryChristmas And A Happy New Year!.jpg

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May This Christmas End The
Present Year On A Cheerful
Note And Make Way For A
Fresh And Bright New Year.
Here’s Wishing You A Merry
Christmas And A Happy New Year!